May Update - GMMK PRO Pre-Order, New Products, Shipping Info

Hello everyone,

first we would like to thank you guys for the amazing support we have received so far, April has been a great month for us.

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GMMK PRO and Accessories Pre-Order

We are very excited to announce that we will be offering the GMMK Pro and a lot of its accessories on our store! The pre-order is open now and will close at the end of June. The estimated delivery date is July 2021. 

Products now available for pre-order:

    • GMMK PRO in Black Slate and Ice White (ANSI/ISO)
    • GMMK PRO Brass Plate
    • GMMK PRO Polycarbonate Plate
    • GMMK PRO Rotary Knob
    • GMMK PRO Carrying Case


    • Durock Screw-In Stabilizers
    • Durock Switch Films
    • Lube Brush in size 00


    • Gateron Milky TOP Yellow


    • Stabilizer Lube Service
    • Film Service 

For now, we offer Durock Switch Films and Deskeys Switch Films for our Film Service. The new services can be added over our add-on buttons on the respective product pages.


Shipments to USA, Canada and Australia might still take up to 60 days, though we have not made that experience at all. All orders reached after 7-10 days. This does not mean that your order can’t get stuck on a ship for 60 days. No updates on the UK situation as of yet.

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