5 Reasons You Need to SWITCH

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SWITCH is not your grandmother’s knitting circle or a new selfie app that shares your business plan with all you business friends and we want to prove it to you. Here are the top 5 reasons you need to SWITCH today!

Clouds, Hubs, & More Hubs

Instead of being stuck with a ba jillian (yea, Its a real word, I googled it… must be true then) options for your next business resource search, SWITCH is a gift that keeps on giving. Built with our custom cloud collaboration hub, SWITCH is the most versatile premium Value Creation hub in existence today. Think of SWITCH like full marketplace hub designed and built into the shared value portal with each one giving a totally unique service portfolio, look and feel. There are currently four Hubs to chose from: Collaboration, Investment, Human Capital & Technology.

Point & Click

SWITCH is not only one of the most cutting edge Value hubs available today, it’s incredibly easy to customize using the latest innovation from business partners. Instead of clicking through pages and pages of an google searches only to have to click back and forth between the reference and their live site, with SWITCH you can change every aspect of your search for business resources while viewing it through the unique SWITCH portal. See in real time how every post, program, and payment could benefit your business then click “Share” and you’re done. Collaborating has never been so easy.

Built By Experts

We weren’t satisfied with just making “another” social platform…so we decided to do something different. We reached out to many of the top business and internet marketing minds of today to ask them about things like conversion, copywriting, layouts, squeeze pages, SEO, and more. SWITCH is the culmination of over a dozen of the smartest business minds on the planet who shared their expertise to build into this truly ultimate portal. You can learn more about the experts who contributed in our features section.

Future Proof

HTML5. CSS3. Fully Responsive, and more! SWITCH is not only built to be the most beautiful and powerful cloud based platform of 2015, it is ready for the future. With a sharp development team that stays on the cutting edge of all that Social, Collaboration, and CRM tracking has to offer, you can rest assured that any business using SWITCH will be steps ahead of the pack employing the best and most experienced Advisors that your business demands.

Simply The Best

Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself. First time users frequently report how fun and easy it is to use and start sharing or searching SWITCH exactly to their fast benefits. Whether that’s Board Advisory Services, A new CFO you need, Investment Capital Introductions or Technology Operational Support — SWITCH is like nothing you have ever seen!